The Ape and the Man

Darwinian pressures
built up in the ape
to become a real man
and not monkey around.

Natural selection
picked him over his friends
to perform center stage
and master the dance.

Gradual adaptation
the ape blindly surrenders
to a Lamarckian que
acquiring what he needs.

Characteristics to pass down
to a child he might despise
part of a social order
he dares not disobey.

Did he accidentally miss a beat
while he madly pounds his chest?
no matter -- progress must be made
in spite of a missing link.

The goal has reached its man
autonomous, thinking being
decisions he must reach
if he will march forward.

Hes met a serious match
some man tells him what to do
an unexpected response:
he eats a banana and smiles.





Submitted 3/10/98. Revised 4/24/98.

Topic: Subtle Defiance