The Mindís Eye



Cold chills caressing my body

sparks that ignite my yearning

for a seat on a cloud

look down on habitual man.


Sprawling flora spawn delight

fauna frolick in rhythm

cycles of mind reveal my awe

of calm waters rippled by light.


Searching for a momentís reflection

in my roaming eye

radiant joy transmits

the sanctity of the watcher.


Pause - passive seduction

of the sun mistress

teasing the subject-participator

burns moment by moment.


The breeze by the sea

blankets viewers of coastal scenery

lovers just passing the time

as the colorful sky sinks.


A musical dream state axiom

magnetic attraction of wavy fluids

collisions of particles

that break up in tears.


Thoughts for an endless finale

blind victim of a spellbound fate

returning to a free flight of mind

consciously forgotten, melting away.






Written in 1983. Revised 4/21/98

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