Oh city of gold

land of the rolling hills

ancient wisdom

on the outskirts of the Judean desert.


Land of our forefathers

where Abraham led his flock

ready to sacrifice his son Isaac

to show his faith in G-d.


Solomonís great temple

what secrets it concealed

until Herodís second temple

buried them deeper.


the patriarchs wisdom

Jesus and Mohammed

ascendancy to heaven

left their followers confused


The long exile

We shall return one day

it is our land

our destiny will unfold.


Dome of the Rock

how could they? Our brothers.

Itís our mount, and theirs

we must learn to share the faith.


A glimmer of hope

with Ben Yehuda

revival of Hebrew

means a renewal of the will to return.


Allemby makes his journey

Montefiore makes his donations

Balfour his declaration

Jerusalem has a pulse.


Separated and divided

until í67 war

the city is unified.


We can pray at the wailing wall

itís ours to keep

Jerusalem, city of gold

let us live in peace.



Originally written in Jerusalem, 1984.

Revised 4/28/98. Open Topic