Impressions in the Park



Quietness interrupted by faint noises

birds chirping in obscure codes

undecipherable with thought

symphonies unheard by ears

visual melodramas unseen by eyes.


Meshing winds soothing the surroundings

in harmony and on key

unheard by eyes, unseen by ears

clouds seep low - keep thoughts confined

human noises intermingle with natureís release

the symphonies battle each other to be heard.


Shabbat spirit settles in

and everyone leaves the scene

itís quiet now, except for aviary chants

nobody is here, the town is empty

Shabbat - a divine civil defense drill

practiced at the end of the week

protect thyself in the shelter of prayer.


Sprinklers stand idly by

anticipating their moment of glory

awaiting their chance to spread their love

catalysts of growth and change.


Benches extending a warm welcome

to anyone who cares enough to sit down

forget about your troubles

and tune in to nearby wonders --

the old Turkish shack stands by.


Trees and stones, the foundation of this world

keeps the ground in tact

and our souls reaching out

to touch something solid

secure and entrenched in the earth

unity of spirit and land.



Written in Independence Park, Jerusalem (1-6-84)

Revised: 4/21/98. Open Topic