Hassid in the Park



Man briskly strides in black costume

hair swiftly running down his sides

in tight curly formations

they go well with his yarmulka

battling it out with gravity.


See the religious man hurry by

looking at all the naked people

how could they not wear yarmulkas

a feeling of disgust

a deeper one of despair.


Catch the man glance at the gay couple

lying at the base of a tree

disgust and despair merge together

perhaps he hopes the tree falls on them

maybe he silently wishes to join them.


Hassid man stops and turns around

contemplating what he just saw

he walks on without looking back

Helpless, a victim of the world’s apathy

a lamb of its growing decline.


Unarmed warrior doesn’t know whom to fight

he sees the human race attacking him

the next moment he sees them drowning

he seems very confused

should he battle or save them?


Talmudic wisdom doesn’t console him

Kaballistic insights don’t heal

a quick decision must be made

he solves the problem

just moves along and prays.





Written in Independence Park, Jerusalem (6-28-84).

Revised 4/25/98. Open Topic