The Music of the Epsteins

Pieces Sung by Cantor Herbert I. Epstein:

Hinay El Yeshuati


Let There Be Love (Hashkivenu)

My Son


Pieces Sung by Cantor Herbert & Roslyn Epstein:

Hayom Efshar LaSheer

L'Cha Dodi

M'chalkel Chayim / Mi Chamochah


About the pieces:

One of the earliest pieces is believed to be from 1959 or 1960: Black is the Color, sung by mom. It is an old traditional song. The other pieces sung by mom are from the 1980s: My Yiddishe Mama (at a Cantors in Concert performance) and Tavo Lifanecha (from Yom Kippur services). The Yiddish Medley is from a concert which features her singing Abi Gezunt, Ich Zing, Oy Mama, Yidl Mitn Fidl, and Oygin.

The earliest piece sung by my father is the Sephardic tune Avram Havenu. Hineni and Or Zarua are from Peninsula Temple Beth El High Holy Day services, from the 1978 to 1981 period. The distinctive piece, My Son, was sung to me on the occasion of my Bar Mitzvah. Ha Kotel and Let There Be Love were from concerts in the 1980s, the former at PTBE and the latter in Palo Alto JCC. Hinay El Yeshuati was a melody he wrote for Havdallah services, and it too was presented at a Cantors in Concert performance. "Numa" is a beautiful Israeli piece he sung at a concert featuring other Cantors and a choir.

Finally, the pieces sung together by mom and dad were all from the 1980s. Hayom Efshar LaSheer and L'Cha Dodi were pieces they sung in concert. M'Chalkel and Uv'chen were sung during the High Holy Days.

Cantor Epstein also had a collection of computerized music, and a collection of Jewish musical arrangements, settings, and compositions.