Music of Cantor Herbert I. Epstein

This is what I've been able to find so far in his musical binders, writings, and from conversations with him:

(Bshir Orach Hayim series)
1)Chanukah - With Song is a Way of Life
2) Passover - The Seder Song Suite

1) Purim Songster
2) Compilation of Jewish pieces for piano

1) Ashreinu (HowFortunate Are We) - for Confirmation services
2) Naaseh V'Nishma (We shall do and we Shall Hearken) - for confirmation
3) Hariyu Ladonai
4) Lo Yareiu - for Torah Service
5) A part of Unetane Tokef played during High Holy Days services; for flute, organ, and cantor
6) A Cantata
7) Hinay El Yeshuati - for Havdalah
8) Fugue on "Shochen Ad"
9) When You Waited There For Me (words by Harry Altschule, music by HIE)-
     written for Rosie & Harry's 50th anniversary
10) Wedding Recessional

he also did pieces for life cycle events (e.g. weddings he performed), Purim operettas.


1) Chassidic Meditations / Zol Zein Shabbes
2) Etz Hayim
3) Torat Hayim - for Confirmation Services
4) Melech Hakol Haaretz
5) Ir Me Quero Madre (judeo Espagnol Pesach Song)
6) Medley of PopularSongs From the Yiddish Theatre
7) Shabbes Medley
8) Medley of Hassidic Festival Songs
9) S'lichot Kaddish
10) Havienu (by Weisser)
11) Kaddish Shalem (adapted from the Gerovitsch & Hornstein collections)
12) B'motsaey
13) Adonai Moloch (by A. Katchko)
14) Mi Sheberach (by A. Katchko), arranged for Cantor and Organ
15) Oseh Shalom
16) Vzot Hatorah
17) Rtsai Adonai
18) Yedied Nefesh (ehud and Sarah Zweig)
19) Shabbat Kiddush (Lewandowsky, Binder)
20) Ma Nishtana (ray Cook)
21) Dayenu - arranged for the Instrumental Group
22) Vtar Libeinu - arranged for the Instrumental Group
23) Chassidic Chatzi Kaddish- arranged for flute, oboe, bassoon and piano
24) Lcha Dodi
25) Three Stars are Shining in the Sky (J.K. Eisenstein) - for Havdalah
26) Hayu Z'manim (Moshe Wilensky)
27) Am Yisrael Chai #2 (Shlomo Carlbach)
28) Mother's Candlelight March (Weddings), after Janowski
29) Katerina Moloditza

unknown: he wrote "by HIE" on a piece of paper describing music for a Cantor's manual, but haven't found this music
1) Mi Adir
2) Vay'hi Erev - Simcha Torah
3) Thank God For Dirty Dishes - based upon a letter to Dear Abby - don't know if he did the music, based it upon another melody, or arranged it, ...

A lot of pieces transcribed or "Set" by HIE

he also arranged show tunes for piano and singer (i.e. Rodgers)
arranged Israeli pieces, Yiddish, Hebrew, Ladino. for Zimriyah

Some of his favorite classical composers were Mahler, Bach, Mozart, Mendelsohn, Bloch, Stravinsky, Poulenc.

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